Success Story: Peter

Here is Peter who mentors our middle grade students on Thursdays. Here is what he had to say about mentoring. “A couple of years ago, I was asked to mentor a young student who was enrolled in the ConnectiKids program. My first mentee lasted a couple of weeks then sports took over so I was given a student who was a little rough around the edges. Having both of my kids already grown and out of the house, I wondered if I could stay with this student as far as technology, new math, sports knowledge, ‘street language’ (gotta keep my creds you know) and so on. I learned as quickly as he did. I currently have two mentees and would not trade either away. We laugh, learn, talk, and I have become a resource for them as they have to me. They have both grown up in the past two (2) years to be communicative young men. They both started off a little quiet and aloof but that soon ended when they shared their life stories and I shared some of mine. I think they both realize and appreciate the things that they can achieve, difficulties they can overcome and maybe even a few visions they can accomplish. They even remember to take their napkins when they get their snacks!! Trust me it was a big step. Thanks for the opportunities to work with these young men. It’s truly an honor to see them grow.” -Peter

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