Tutoring & Mentoring

One-on-one Educational Support

One of the central focuses of ConnectiKids programming is the Tutoring Program. One day each week for 75 minutes, students meet individually with a tutor from one of nine sponsoring organizations. Tutors usually use a portion of this time to help his/her student complete his/her homework and/or complete the lesson plans we provide on a weekly basis. Each lesson plan is a packet of activities based off of Connecticut’s current academic standards.


To ensure the safety of students, ConnectiKids will run virtually for this upcoming school year of 2020-21. We will host tutoring and mentoring through Zoom and provide supplemental lesson plans, books, and activities that are virtually accessible. Parents, if you are interesting in signing your student up, please see below for more information.

Tutoring Locations

Employees, students, and community members serve as tutors at our host sites. Bringing children to the sites for tutoring allows them to be exposed to career choices and utilizes neighborhood resources they would otherwise not have access to. Conducting tutoring on-site in work settings also gives hundreds of people the opportunity of volunteering who otherwise could not due to limited time.

For a list of host sites for the ConnectiKids Tutoring/Mentoring program click below.

Mentoring Locations

Interested in becoming a Tutor/Mentor?

Find out more about becoming a Tutor/Mentor and joining the ConnectiKids program! With the help and commitment of caring individuals, we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Hartford’s children.

Registration for School Year 2020-2021

Inscripción Para El Año Escolar 2020-2021