Tutoring & Mentoring

Connecting students with caring people to inspire academic achievement, positive life choices, and big dreams.

Educational Support

One day each week for 75 minutes, students meet individually with a mentor from one of eleven sponsoring organizations. Mentors usually use a portion of this time to help their student complete their homework and or complete the lesson plans we provide on a weekly basis.

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Mentoring Locations

Employees, students, and community members serve as mentors at our host sites. Bringing children to the sites for mentoring allows them to be exposed to career choices and utilizes neighborhood resources they would otherwise not have access to.

Conducting mentoring on-site in work settings also gives hundreds of people the opportunity of volunteering who otherwise could not due to limited time.

Site Locations

ConnectiKids Book Club

Book Club includes a group reading session and activities that bring the books to life, stimulating the student’s interest in reading. Book Club introduces students to thought-provoking books carefully chosen for diverse characters and relatable content while sparking interest and imagination. We carefully select books that our students can relate to and identify with but are not stories of trauma that children of their demographic often find themselves reflected in. We primarily seek out books with current events themes for our middle school students to explore their role in making positive and sustainable change.  The books are brought to life through new learning experiences, including hands-on, visual, and other interactive lessons to foster a love for reading. 

Students are each provided their book to keep growing their library at home. The books chosen challenge us as a group to think critically and allow students to grow their understanding of identity, cultural navigation, and self-discovery. Through the stories, characters, and themes within the books, our students can better appreciate these topics and develop a deeper understanding of their own identity.

Participating in Book Club is a fantastic way for the students to increase their vocabulary and create a sense of autonomy and confidence in reading.

Inspiring Lifelong Learners

We pride our programs aiding students to become lifelong learners, thus, after reviewing various studies which have shown that reading correlates with intrinsic motivation when picking up books.

“Classroom and other learning cultures that foster motivation to read and provide sufficient amounts of reading time create the necessary foundation that is essential for supporting students in developing as competent and proficient readers.”
– Hiebert (2009)

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Find out more about becoming a Mentor and joining the ConnectiKids program! With the help and commitment of caring individuals, we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Hartford’s children.

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