Civic Engagement / Character Building

Helping children to take action in their communities, country, and the world!

Teaching Youth to Become Part of the Solution

to the problems our communities and inner cities face

The Civic Engagement component of ConnectiKids invites youth to have a deeper understanding of the world and their influence on it so they can make meaningful improvements to their lives and the lives of others.  The program helps our learners to see the power they hold and their potential, and thus is often referred to as “Power Up.”

Cultural Engagement Topics

The program follows a mentor-based model with age and developmentally appropriate activities and an active mentoring approach focused on civic engagement including current events, global issues, community projects, and field trips. ConnectiKids incorporates group-based projects, self-advocacy activities, future exploration, goal setting, and small group-based activities.

Discussions and activities include topics such as:

  • Diversity
  • Culture
  • Stereotypes
  • Prejudice
  • Gender Equality
  • Women’s Rights
  • Cultural Competence
  • Global Viewpoints
  • Types of Governments
  • Global Politics
  • Current Events
  • Religious Freedoms
  • Global Warming
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Food Issues
  • Their impact on the future of our nation and world

The ConnectiKids Civic Engagement Program Produces Children Ready to Take Action in Their Communities, Country, and the World!

ConnectiKids views young people as part of the solution to the problems our communities and inner cities face. Youth can have a significant impact on society and have been the drive for necessary changes in our neighborhoods, cities, states, nation, and the world. However, making a difference in the world requires informed and active youth who understand the true meaning of citizenship, how to advocate for themselves and their interests, collaborate, and have the knowledge necessary to effect good policy choices and accountability.

ConnectiKids participants are empowered to explore their innate talents while developing goals and learning to advocate for their future positively.

Our students are eager and excited to discuss, absorb and process community issues, which they often do not have an opportunity to address in school.

This program in combination with our other programs uses high-quality pedagogical strategies to positively impact students achievement in all forms, both personal and academic, thus developing a love for learning and becoming lifelong learners and citizens who effect change.

Counselors in Training (CIT)

The ConnectiKids CIT programs offer opportunities for teens aged 14-17 to work with younger campers as leaders or mentors, a perfect fit for young people who love caring for kids or are interested in learning more about working in education.

The ConnectiKids CIT programs offer opportunities to work with younger campers as leaders or mentors, a perfect fit for young people who love caring for kids or are interested in learning more about working in education. The program commences by encouraging individuals to engage in introspective reflection. This facilitates recognizing and acknowledging the unique characteristics and skills that shape our identities. Subsequently, we explore how these distinct qualities contribute to the advancement of our professional profiles.

What the Program Entails

CITs (Counselor in Training) will have instructional time in the morning between 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., where we go over those professional development pieces of training, break for lunch, and then are integrated into the classrooms with the students and staff members. Then, on Fun Fridays, we will take CITs on field trips to local colleges or assist senior counselors and young campers with their field trips.

CITs will be trained in positive discipline, behavior management, and youth development. Teens will continue to grow in their level of skills in relating to the children and their level of responsibility. CIT workers will be treated as full staff with corresponding expectations. They will be expected to be role models for the campers in the program and grow in ability and experience. Working with both student campers and adult staff, these junior staff members will develop leadership, communication, and conflict negotiation skills.

critical Skills CIT’s will learn

  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Setting & achieving goals
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Speaking to large groups
  • Leading activities
  • Planning & debriefing multi-part events
  • Managing themselves and large groups of students
  • Engaging with other CITs
  • Certification in First Aid / CPR
  • And more!

How to Apply to the CIT Program

The application process for the CIT program will commence in May.
Applications and resumes will be screened, and ideal candidates will be invited to interview.  Please submit a resume to electronically by clicking the button below, or mail it to ConnectiKids, 814 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105.

Application Closed

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