Mentee Becomes Mentor

Nathalie was once a student in the program who was able to get extra academic support from fourth grade through eighth grade. Now High School Senior, Nathalie has chosen to give back to the same program that helped her. She has been mentoring a third grade student once a week for the past two years. She is even doing her capstone wit us focusing on the importance of mentoring with English learning students. We are so grateful to have Nathalie return to our program as a mentor.

“When I came to the United States, I spoke no English and having to attend a school in the middle of the school year was terrifying for me. The school (West Middle Elemtary) put my family in contact with the program ConnectiKids and ever since I have felt like I am part of a bigger family. At the program I was always paired with bilingual tutors from when I started in the fourth grade until my last day being part of the program as an eighth grader. The staff at ConnectiKids made me feel welcome and loved. I will always be thankful to the program and the all of the staff for always helping me and making me better.  Thinking of a way I could give back to them, this year I decided to become a mentor. It was the best decision I have ever made, I love the children and and helping them with their education, those moments I spend with them I am the happiest. I am going to start this fall as a Senior at Sport and Medical Sciences Academy. Throughout high school I have been part of a leadership program and I have played softball. I will be attending a university after I graduate. Special thanks to Mr.John and Mrs.Andrea for all the help and making me feel so special when I was an alumni and when I came back as a mentor.” – Nathalie Martinez

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