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Summer Program

Bringing Together Academics & Enrichment Activities

ConnectiKids Summer Registration

ConnectiKids Summer Registration 2022: A Magical Summer 



Summer Program Benefits

The ConnectiKids Summer Program exposes children to information, people, places, and situations while combining an ambitious curriculum of academics in the morning with an afternoon of exciting and enjoyable enrichment classes. The academic component of the program utilizes an integrated curriculum based on the program theme.

These experiences help students grow socially, define their identity, and understand their personal strengths, interests, and goals while contributing to increased school performance.

This Summer's Theme

Summer 2022

ConnectiKids summer theme this year is A Magical Summer! Together we will explore all things possible, the natural beauty of the earth, people and things around us, mysterious specialties, educational entities, finding the fun in exploration, and discover a bit of magic!
During the morning portion, students participate in Book club. The book club will include culturally relevant paperbacks. The book club offers students a wide range of books with stimulating class discussions and activities. This summer’s book is Disney’s Encanto by Angela Cervantes.
In the afternoon portion of the summer program, students will participate in activities that expose them to home economics, friendships, exploration, and much more. The four core afternoon classes offered will be, The Magic of Baking – students will engage in culinary arts by learning the chemistry behind baking. Finding Nature’s Magic (A Mindful Pathway) and Is it Science or Magic – are two classes where students will explore how science and nature can be magical and how humans can connect nature’s supernatural powers in their backyards. The Illusions and Magic of Art. Art is a magical experience for anyone, and our students will be exposed to illusionary optical arts.


Summer Program Information

ABOUT CONNECTIKIDS SUMMER PROGRAM: ConnectiKids Summer program is offered free of cost to Hartford and surrounding town students in grades 2-8 on a first come first served basis, the maximum number of students served during our summer month will be 120 in person. ConnectiKids helps our schools reinforce and reward students for attending summer school to get the support they need to be on or as close to grade level for the upcoming school year. We also provide students access to a full day of in-person or virtual equitable hands-on programming to keep them engaged.

Our summer program is theme based, with a variety of opportunities, practices, and activities used to provide high-quality content. Though the summer program theme changes yearly, there are five core elements that we maintain to ensure students are receiving an all-inclusive summer program. Our five core focus areas are social and emotional development, academics, focusing on literacy and STEM, health and nutrition, outdoor and physical activities, and exploration of self and their community, thus making a connection to what they are learning. The five central fundamentals of the program address the whole child, ensuring that they are strengthening their abilities to develop positive self-concepts. We also offer leadership and character development. This year’s theme is “A Magical Summer!