About ConnectiKids

ConnectiKids Inc. is a nonprofit positive youth development agency that focuses on educating, enriching, and empowering Hartford’s youth. We work directly with two elementary schools, West Middle Community School and Michael D Fox Elementary School, with students in grades kindergarten to eighth grade. We provide one on one tutoring and mentoring, arts and enrichment and a civic engagement program throughout the academic year and summer program during summer break. With these programs we expose our students to new people, places, and experiences that aid in positive growth and development.

Mission: “Inspiring Hartford’s children to make positive choices; embrace high expectations and fulfill their potential by providing successful mentors, individualized tutoring, enriching activities and stimulating environments.”

Tutoring Program 

One of the central focuses of ConnectiKids programming is the Tutorial Program. One day each week for 75 minutes, students meet individually with a tutor from one of nine sponsoring organizations. Tutors usually use a portion of this time to help his/her student complete his/her homework and/or complete the lesson plans we provide on a weekly basis. Each lesson plan is a packet of activities based off of Connecticut’s current academic standards. Through a generous grant/donation from Barnes and Nobles hundreds of books are available at each site to be used by students and their tutors as well. At the end of each tutoring year each student gets a book to take home to add to their personal libraries. Currently Aetna, The Hartford, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, West Middle Community School, North West Catholic High School, Saint Joseph College, Trinity College, Avon High School at West Middle Elementary School, University of Connecticut, and the State Office Complex at 470 Capitol Avenue act as host sites for the ConnectiKids Tutoring/Mentoring program. Employees, students, and community members serve as tutors at these sites. Bringing children to the sites for tutoring allows them to be exposed to career choices and utilizes neighborhood resources they would otherwise not have access to. Conducting tutoring on-site in work settings also gives hundreds of people the opportunity of volunteering who otherwise could not due to limited time.

Mentoring Program

The other central focus of our program is mentoring. Although there are students who need a tutor, there are a large number of students who would benefit greatly from a mentor. According to the Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program, “a mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.” This is something to keep in mind on a weekly basis as you meet with your mentee. Not each session will be about homework and academics but can be spent talking about your mentee’s day, answering questions they may have or talking about life in general. Please be prepared to be flexible because kids are usually mentally and physically active; especially after school.

Arts and Enrichment Program

West Middle and MD Fox Elementary School students who are a part of the Tutoring and Mentoring Program also participate in the Arts and Enrichment Program. ConnectiKids Arts and Enrichment Workshop Series, a short series of classes facilitated by local artists, run on a cyclical schedule throughout the school year where children work around a theme in order to reach a goal by the end of each class. Children self-select and participate in classes which interest them. This approach allows instructors to have a class filled with children who are genuinely interested in the activity and therefore facilitates a highly productive end result. Another positive outcome of this approach is that children are empowered by being able to pick activities that fall in line with their extracurricular interests. Enrichment is not only fun and interesting, but it also gives the students the chance to experience something new that they might not get the chance to experience

Summer Program

The ConnectiKids Summer Program is a five-week, full-day program offered in coordination with the Hartford Public Schools summer school schedule. The ConnectiKids Summer Program is the only program in the city to use a unifying, thematic approach that ties together academic and enrichment activities and provides an inspiring context for learning, recreation and positive socialization. It exposes children to information, people, places, and situations while combining an ambitious curriculum of academics in the morning with an afternoon of exciting and enjoyable enrichment classes. The academic component of the program utilizes an integrated curriculum based on the program theme. These experiences help students grow socially, define their identity, and understand their personal strengths, interests, and goals while contributing to increased school performance

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